This page will have more about our wonderful building and its history soon….

St. Nicholas Churchyard and Old Burial Ground

Both the churchyard and old burial ground (laid out in 1855), the latter being at the Polka Road end of Old Staithe Walk, are classified as closed churchyards and are maintained by the Wells Town Council who have tree surveys carried out on a regular basis.

All the graves were surveyed in the 1980s by Reg Gerken, a local cartographer. There are many interesting gravestones and memorials in the churchyards: including John Fryer (the Sailing Master of the Bounty), a Coastguard and Royal Navy memorial and graves of the men drowned in the disaster of February 1889 and some cast iron grave markers of the Woods Family who owned the local foundry.

In 2015 we took management advice from Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT) and now have five defined areas for conservation. NWT carry out regular plant surveys for us and we are lucky to have amongst other plants bulbous buttercups and oxeye daises. A young male Peregrine Falcon has been sighted roosting on the church tower so we are hopeful we might one day have a nesting pair. We also have two wooden hedgehog sanctuaries, built by the local primary school children, one in each churchyard.

NWT will be working with our local schools and youth groups to run its Beautiful Burial Grounds sessions/events open to the community in the churchyard grounds.